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    伯爵娱乐官网网站‘Why have you brought us here to tell us, M. Boirac? Surely the obvious thing would have been for you to go to the S?reté and see M. Chauvet.’


    ‘Good God, Inspector! What do you mean?’
    He let the vehicle draw ahead, keeping his eye carefully on it while he thought of his great luck. And then he recollected that there should have been four men with it. There was a tall man with a sandy moustache, prominent cheekbones, and a strong chin; a small, lightly made, foreign-looking man with a black beard and two others whose descriptions had not been given. The man with the beard was on the dray, but the tall, red-haired man was not to be seen. Presumably the driver was one of the undescribed men.
    Clifford turned to his notes of the artist’s statement. According to it, at 10.00 a.m. on Wednesday, Felix had been painting in his studio. But the chance of the housekeeper’s absence and the peculiar arrangement under which the charwoman got breakfast prevented this being proved. And like an idiot, Felix had heard people ringing at the door, and, because he did not wish to be disturbed, had not opened it. One of those callers might have saved him now.


    1.There was silence for a moment, and the bearded man spoke:—
    2.‘Suzanne was my wife’s maid, and when she came into the study I saw from her startled and embarrassed air that she knew.
    3.‘Any one could have got into the house while I was away. If what you say is true, some one must have, but I saw no traces.’
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